brb, going on summer vacation

Missed Pitches is going offline for a few weeks. ✌️

This is not me saying goodbye.

Think of it as, see you later.

Wow, these last 7 months have been crazy good and crazy busy. For those who have been subscribed since the beginning, you will notice that the newsletter has gone through its share of changes and growth and typos along the way.

But I’m going to be honest. I have been in a creative rut that’s lasted a few months now and I want to break out of it. I am going to be taking a few weeks off to gather my thoughts and do some work in the background to fine tune the newsletter and bring it back better and smarter.

This newsletter is about giving sunlight to the mountains of rejected story ideas no one ever gets to see. And while I have seen some success stories — pitches that got picked up as a result of this newsletter — I feel that it could do better.

I’m not stressed out. I’m not burned out. I’m just not producing my best work right now. So, it’s time for a vacation.

The @MissedPitches Twitter account will remain active. I’ll keep sharing freelance opportunities and jobs and any other good resources for freelancers on the bird app.

In the meantime, keep your head up, remember to drink water and pitch, pitch, pitch.

Tu newsletter amigo,

// @rungomez

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